LatteNot too long ago I helped a friend start a blog, and in a way it inspired me to make my own. It reminded me that everyone has a story, and some people like reading them.

If you’re feeling down, this may help brighten your spirits. If you have trouble with anything, know you’re not alone. And also, you should smile more. Just sayin’

And as always: if you have questions, suggestions, or anything interesting, shoot me an email

 Here’s my stuff:


This is just a collection of short stories anecdotes, parables from my life that I think you might find entertaining at the very least

The Little Things

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, or you just like watching others (me) struggle, you’ll enjoy this

Words to Live By

I’m no expert on anything but I’ve given and received some good advice over the years, and as such continues to happen, this is where I’ll post it.


These are actual things people say to me


I like to take picturescander-clones-2