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Complications (pt 1)

It’s a fact, things aren’t always black and white. There’s not always a line in the sand, and things aren’t always crystal clear. When things are like this, we call it complicated; when things are complicated, it’s easy to get confused.

Of course, we all know this. And if for some reason this is news to you, clearly you’re above me… or you’ve never been in a relationship before.

If there is a black and white version, if there is a line in the sand, I remember the exact moment I crossed it. I remember the phrase I used that took us from the grey area, and into the light. A simple five words, only to be used under great caution, and with absolute certainty:

“I think I love you”

I’d like to say that the response I got was “I think I love you too”, or something similar. It was not.

I believe the exact phrase to follow was, “Oh.” And once again, things were complicated.

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