Tin Foil

A woman was fairly certain a coworker and myself were trying to kill her with tin foil. The restaurant where I was working used biodegradable paper boxes instead of styrofoam for  food. Problem with paper is that it gets soggy. In order to counteract the sogginess, we put aluminum foil in the base of the box and traditionally we box customers’ food for them.

A new kid at work delivered a box to a table instead of taking her food back and I happened to be walking past when I heard her ask him why there was foil in the box. He explained that he didn’t know, he was simply trained to do that. So I intervened.

I explained to her that the boxes are cardboard and the foil is to protect the box and anything underneath or around it. In turn, she explained to me the dangers of aluminum poisoning and that it’s unsafe to keep food in or near aluminum foil.

She digressed to telling me the equally terrifying dangers of using plastic wrap.

So I reiterated to her once more, gently, the dangers of putting her salad in a small paper box and taking it home to her refrigerator.

Her response was something to the effect of “I’m debating having a soggy box, or getting aluminum poisoning. I think I’ll have a soggy box.” And so she handed me the foil.

I told her to have a nice day, and thanked her for the lesson in health and nutrition. We went about our days and all ended in a cordial manner.